5 Law Firm Website Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind


06 Oct 5 Law Firm Website Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

The legal profession has been well positioned to benefit from the changes in consumer behavior prompted by the internet, but surprisingly, it has been slow to adapt to opportunities presented by new technology. These five pairs of stats demonstrate this unusual phenomenon.


Consumer Traffic and Law Firm Web Presence

Over 1/3 of legal consumers start their search for an attorney online, yet nearly 40% of small law firms don’t have websites.
Talk about missing out on market share. That 33% of consumers who begin their search online is only going to grow, and as it does, it’s going to become harder and harder for smaller firms without sites to compete for visibility.


68% don’t have an email address on their home page and 27% don’t have a phone number on their home page.
The reality of internet user behavior is that most visitors will only ever visit a site once, and by failing to include these two extremely simple yet critical pieces of information on their homepage, firms are missing out on new prospective clients every week.


Only 30% of sites do have a call-to-action on their home page (“Contact us now”) and only 14% of law firms send a triggered email to visitors who submit a form on the page.
These are minimum requirements for engagement any website, and it’s surprising that so few firms utilize these proven engagement strategies.


Only 53% of law firm websites have organized site content, and only 3% of law firm websites deliver any kind of personalized content.
People visit a site for different reasons, and they navigate there from different sources. For example, if a prospective client has navigated to the site by clicking an ad promoting personal injury representation, it makes more sense to direct them to the Personal Injury service page than it does to direct them to the homepage. Personalization contributes to a higher conversion rate, and it’s not difficult to integrate personalized content into existing marketing practices.

The Rise of Mobile Web

65% of law firms websites haven’t been updated in 3 or more years, and as a result, 2/3 of law firm websites are not optimized for websites
By 2017, half of all internet traffic is projected to be on mobile devices.


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