6 Important Reasons To Give Your Website A Facelift


12 Aug 6 Important Reasons To Give Your Website A Facelift

You have one chance to impress your website visitors. To ensure that your website creates a lasting first impression requires a good deal of time, creative thinking and some money.
But not to worry: we’re talking about about a facelift, not a total overhaul. Some minor functional adjustments can make your website work better, and help reach your goals.

Here are six challenges to consider when prioritizing your website’s makeover.

1. People are visiting, but you are not getting the desired results

Your website looks amazing and functions well enough. But bells and whistles will count for nothing if your website can’t help turn visitors into customers. Start by looking into your site’s conversion rates. This can give you a clear picture of where you need to improve. You should also consider these factors in your re-design process:
* Your call-to-action. Is it motivating enough to convert your visitors into leads and paying customers?
* Your landing pages. Do they stir up enough curiosity in your visitors, so that they feel compelled to find out more?
* Is the text across your site compelling?

2. Your marketing strategy has changed

Marketing strategies are very fluid, but you do not need to re-design your website each time you change your marketing plan. However, it is good practice for you to check your site and make sure that it is still in line with your latest marketing strategies.
For example, if you plan to give away a free ebook to generate more leads and subscribers, make sure that you place your opt-in form in a prominent place in the website where people can easily find it.

3. Just Like Lowe’s: Never Stop Improving

Everyone has encountered at least one terribly designed website. Thankfully, yours is not one of them, but every site can be more user-friendly. To make your website more effective at converting visitors into customers, focus on improving functionality. Here are some pointers to consider when re-designing:
* Is your site easy to navigate?
* Is your important content displayed prominently?
* Have you updated your product and service offers?

4. Your Site Is Not Mobile Responsive

Mobile traffic is exploding worldwide, and is set to get even bigger. If your site is not mobile friendly yet, then you could be leaving tons of leads and sales on the table. It definitely makes sense for you to improve your site’s mobile responsiveness in the re-design process.

5. You Want To Make Big Changes To Your Content

Content is still king on the Internet. By having excellent content on your site, you see an improvement in everything from customer retention to better search engine rankings.If you are planning to improve your content strategy, a web redesign may be a good move: All of your popular posts, giveaways and other useful contents can be easily located by your visitors.

6. You Need To Update Your Widgets

Most websites have third-party tools embedded in them, such as shopping cart and social widgets. But the problem with using these widgets is that you need to update them with the latest version regularly, so that they won’t compromise the performance of your site.
Check for updates regularly.

Always remember this: the main purpose of your website is to generate leads and bring in more revenue for your business. If it is not producing the desired results, then maybe it is high time that you give it a much-needed facelift.