7 Law Firm Website Essentials


20 Oct 7 Law Firm Website Essentials

Whether it’s an individual practice or a firm, an attorney’s website should match the quality to their nicest suit, best shoes, and professional haircut. When prospects visit a law firm’s site, it’s the equivalent of shaking hands, and that first impression will have a huge influence on whether the prospect becomes a client or walks away. Creating a great impression with a website isn’t difficult as long as the basics are covered and sufficient attention is paid to quality.

1. Hire a professional photographer


Make sure you have professional quality photos of yourself and your team. These images are going to appear before thousands of prospects for the life of your website. You wouldn’t hand out a business card you created yourself; the images of your practice is not something to ignore.

2. Keep the visuals simple

Keep the color palette simple, e.g., three tones, and the fonts consistent. Rather than mixing fonts, use different sizes of the same font to emphasize headings and subheadings.

3. Fill in the biography section under “About Us”

Data show that across all business websites, the second most visited page (after the homepage) is the “About Us” section. Most prospects aren’t interested in reading a resume’ or list of accomplishments; they want to read the story about the person so they can establish a connection. Include credentials, testimonials, memberships, and awards, but make your story the focus.

4. Keep it free of clutter

Make site navigation simple with a consistent top menu bar. If there are more than 5-6 pages, use drop-down menus to organize the site map. Ensure all text and images are essential. Short paragraphs or bulleted lists are sufficient for most of the information on the site. Adding a search box means that prospects can still find information without having to look at all of it at once.

5. Make it easy for prospects to contact you

The main contact number should be in the upper right corner of every page on the site. Additionally, you can include a “Contact Us” button which triggers an email form, but keep the information required here to a minimum. You don’t need much more than a name, email, or phone number, and a brief comment about the issue they’re facing.

6. Videos have a huge impact on conversions

This is an engaging way to share information that will set you apart from most other firms. Consider using video for attorney biographies, or for answering FAQs about your practice’s focus areas. Keep the videos short. Research suggests that a 60-90 second video has the highest completion rate, i.e., the percentage of viewers who watch all the way to the end.

7. Optimize the site for mobile viewing


In 2016, mobile web browsing surpassed desktop web browsing. Not all sites are designed to display optimally on mobile devices; some require that users scroll left to right, with lots of zooming in and out, to view the entire site. Therefore, make it easy for prospects to view your site.

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