9 Top Secrets Of Running A Successful Non-Profit Website


16 Aug 9 Top Secrets Of Running A Successful Non-Profit Website

Maintaining a strong website for your non-profit organization is a great move. A website acts as a powerful business card for all of your current- and future- donors, sponsors and volunteers . It’s imperative to set up your website right so that achieves your goals- sharing your mission, attracting donors, and raising funds for your cause.
Let’s discuss the 9 powerful secrets of how you can do that.

1. Help People to Contact You

Give your visitors the means to reach you- have a contact page that displays all your relevant contact details. The 3 most essential pieces of information: physical address, phone number and email address.


2. Tell People Who You Are

One of the most interesting things about your website to visitors is the people behind the website. This helps visitors assess the organization and the cause. First impressions are curcial, so let your visitors know that you are indeed someone whom they can trust.

3. Have An Online Donation Form

What’s the use of attracting donors if there is no way to make a donation? Putting up an online donation option on your website is easy, and there are a number of online donation forms available. Spend some time to research them, and choose one that is most suitable for your needs.

4. Create A Blog

People want to know what you’ve been up to, and a regularly updated blog signals to visitors that your organization is actively making a contribution to the community. A blog is also a way to engage your audience and build a community of like-minded donors who support your cause.

5. Showcase Your Photos

A picture is worth thousand words. Make sure that you take lots of pictures of your staff, your events or outreaches, and the fruits of your labors. These pictures will build even more trust with your donors. You can either put up an impressive photo gallery on your website, or create an Instagram account and post all your pictures there. (Make sure that you link your Instagram to your site.)

6. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Make sure that you have social widgets set up correctly on your page to increase online engagement with your fans and to boost your brand. Interconnection across all your media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram provides smooth navigation for your visitors.

7. Tap Into the Power of Testimonials

There is no better proof for your cause than genuine testimonials. People want to know that they are making the right decision by supporting your cause. Reading- or watching a video- about other people’s good experiences will provide assurance that supporting your organization is a good decision.

8. Offer Volunteer Opportunities

People want to get involved, so offer volunteer opportunities within your organization. In this way, you can attract like-minded people who are willing to support your cause and share your vision with other people in the community. This is also a great way for you to showcase your organization’s culture by providing collaboration opportunities.

9. Build an Email List

An email list of subscribers is a great tool for engagement and communication. Share upcoming events, new content on your blog, or the latest pictures in your gallery. To get subscribers, put up a sign-up form in a prominent position on your website so that the visitors can easily sign up. The form doesn’t have to be complicated: All you need is the visitor’s name and email address. That’s it! So get started with your very own e-newsletter today.