Attorneys: Don’t Ignore Your Page Speed


03 Nov Attorneys: Don’t Ignore Your Page Speed

Fractions of a second can greatly influence user experience when it comes to page speed. One study found that almost half of all people online expected a website to load in two seconds or less. Loading in just three seconds was slow enough for many people to abandon the website altogether and try somewhere else. A significant loss of potential clients.

The risk of losing a significant number of website viewers because of loading speed isn’t acceptable these days. A website that loads slowly, aside from being annoying, has a number of negative effects worth considering, all due to slow speed. Here are a few effects, all serious.

  • Load speed is one of the many factors that search engines use to rank a page.

  • Users abandoning your page have a negative effect on your bounce rate, which also hurts SEO.

  • A slow-loading page damages your online authority.

  • A slow-loading page can harm your customer service reputation.

Three Quick Tips for Making Your Website Faster:
  • Determine how fast your website currently loads. Before you rush into adopting a questionable solution, determine just how slow your website currently loads. Google has an online resource, Page Speed Online, which analyzes your website and gives your page a Page Speed Score. Not only will you find out how fast (or slow) your website is, you will also get a list of fixes, organized by priority.

  • Make your site faster, one fix at a time. In most cases, a slow load time isn’t due to one issue; it’s due to several different smaller issues. To speed up your page, tackle problems like these one at a time: GZIP compression, bad code, unoptimized images, resized images, uncached pages, and redirects.

  • Understand that every second counts. Even extremely large sites—including Google and Amazon—have tried to trade page speed for an extra feature or two. Both sites found that even a fraction of a second cost them dearly and that the “better” site was not worth the users and revenue they lost. More bells and whistles are not always better. Simple, clean, and lean websites come with higher conversion rates. It’s been proven time and time again.


How many seconds it takes for your website to load seems like a little thing. But in fact, having a fast site can determine whether a person even sticks around to see your great design and content. In other words, work with the fact that slow loading sites will force people to move on to your competition.


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