20 Oct

7 Law Firm Website Essentials

Whether it’s an individual practice or a firm, an attorney’s website should match the quality to their nicest suit, best shoes, and professional haircut. When prospects visit a law firm’s site, it’s the equivalent of shaking hands, and that first impression will have a huge...

18 Oct

Seven Homepage Elements that Are Non-Negotiable 

A business’s website is one of its most powerful marketing tools. Given its importance, it’s tragic how many businesses neglect their site’s homepage. The homepage is the online storefront, the digital business card, and has the capacity to grow the business better than any other...

19 Sep

How Much Does A Website Cost?

This is usually the first question our company receives when we are contacted by a potential consumer. It’s a logical question to ask. Those of us who aren’t rich or famous have a finite amount of money. We always want to feel like that money is...

E-commerce. Shopping cart with cardboard boxes on laptop. 3d
24 Aug

4 Facts about Having an Online Store

It's a popular conception that if you have great products and an online store, it's easy to sell to customers around the whole world. That's true - and not true - at the same time. Successfully leveraging e-commerce or shopping cart options for an online store is just as challenging...