Diversify or Die: Attorneys Must Look Beyond SEO For Website Traffic


09 Nov Diversify or Die: Attorneys Must Look Beyond SEO For Website Traffic

At some point in the past decade, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became synonymous with online marketing for law firms. But while SEO is certainly a huge piece of the picture, it should not be the one and only focus of your marketing strategy. In fact, by putting all of your eggs in the SEO basket, you are giving the edge to the competition and taking a very big risk.

Why shouldn’t you focus 100 percent of your attention, or even 80 percent of your attention, on SEO and Google? Here’s why:

  • Trying to appease Google (or any search engine) can backfire when they change their algorithm for ranking pages. And they change it often.
  • Getting blacklisted by a search engine can mean losing a large chunk of your traffic, whether or not you deserve to be “punished.”
  • Ignoring other sources of website traffic means ignoring a lot of great leads and a lot of great potential clients.
  • Diversifying can strengthen your online brand and your online presence.


Three Quick Tips for Diversifying Your Web Traffic

Make some smart advertising moves. Many law firms still balk at spending money on online advertising, but it’s more than a great idea if it works! If pages like Yelp, FindLaw, SuperPages, and AVVO are ranking high in your market in Google, there is no reason not to try advertising on them. If you don’t see returns, you can stop, alter your ads, or try something new. Also, don’t disregard the targeted, paid advertising opportunities on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Be consistent with your social media marketing. Speaking of social media, it is entirely worth your time and effort to consistently post to your social media platforms. Although Facebook and Twitter will continue to be the two most important social media outlets for business in 2017, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For example, businesses have been finding success with newer platforms like Instagram and Periscope. Not only do these sites offer different ways to market your legal services, many of your competitors aren’t utilizing them yet. So get in early and reap the benefits.

Don’t forget offline marketing in your community. Not only are law firms too focused on SEO, they are also too focused on online marketing for their firm. Never forget the importance of local, offline, law firm marketing. Not only does it help you connect with people face to face, it also promotes your online marketing in ways you might not realize. Begin the New Year by offering a local scholarship, connecting with a local non-profit, educating your community, or offering local talks.

“If your entire attorney marketing strategy is centered on SEO, then you are giving the search engines all of the power, and you are ultimately at their mercy.”


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