The Cyber Fision Collection

eBook Helps Improve Your Firm’s Online Visibility


Attorneys are usually so busy that taking time to incorporate online marketing isn’t a priority. Standing out from the competition by spending time to market your firm’s legal services using the internet will certainly give your law firm an advantage over other firms.


Our dedicated team has developed a useful ebook focused on legal firms, specifically how they can successfully utilize the internet in their practice. This ebook includes:


  • Page speed—visitors won’t wait for a slow page and will move on search engines notice the bounce and your ranking will decrease
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices
  • Improving user experience and search engine ranking by ensuring your site is well-designed and easily navigated
  • Diversifying your online marketing by investing in SEO and possibly online advertising
  • Sharing or re-blogging local news that relates to your practice

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