Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution: Build that Ideal Website


31 Jan Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution: Build that Ideal Website

We all make them at some time or another. The New Year comes around and we decide it’s time to make some “resolutions.” I resolve that I really will lose weight; I am definitely going to spend more time with the family. And of course I am going to start going to the gym.

Everything seems to focus on personal health or family issues. But what about your business? Is it as healthy as it could be? Have you ever even thought about it? Unfortunately, an unhealthy business can’t be “cured” with a trip to the gym or a change in diet. Let’s assume that you have noticed that sales are stagnant despite numerous marketing efforts. That’s a red flag. Do you just accept it, chalk it up to the economy, a temporary slowdown, the alignment of the planets? If not, then do you ask yourself what can you do—or change—that will turn things around?

Say you have a website, but your sales don’t indicate it’s working for you. According to HubSpot, in 2014, 80% of marketers indicated increased traffic to their websites. Could you say the same about your company’s website? Does it get the attention of your target audience by incorporating sufficient content? Is it difficult to navigate? Your answers to these questions may indicate that your site needs improvement. Can YOU do it? No? Time to find a website design company that can do it for you, do it well, and do it affordably.

By hiring an outside firm to take control of your site, your staff can use their talents to keep your business operating at peak efficiency and follow up with potential clients.

Many benefits exist by maintaining an attention-getting website. Here are a few:

Keeping up with the competition

They are already there, waiting to pounce on your leads. Make them work for it by building an outstanding website.

Ensure your site is visible

Most people Google businesses who perform the services they require as the initial step towards obtaining information. Make sure they find your website first.

Grow your following

It all starts with a good site, which will then lead to regular followers who will always want to see what’s new in your business. Build rapport with your followers by having a clean, updated site that they visit regularly.

Customer interaction

A great website is by far the best communication channel for your business. If set up by an experienced and sophisticated design company, you will be able to interact at all levels with your clients.

Many companies are out there who design websites. It’s a competitive business that is increasing exponentially to keep up with new website development technology. Websites are now recognized as the most effective way to promote a business and maintain close customer relationships. Get started, either with a new website or updating an old one. Make that one New Year’s resolution that you actually keep.

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