Seven Homepage Elements that Are Non-Negotiable 


18 Oct Seven Homepage Elements that Are Non-Negotiable 

A business’s website is one of its most powerful marketing tools. Given its importance, it’s tragic how many businesses neglect their site’s homepage. The homepage is the online storefront, the digital business card, and has the capacity to grow the business better than any other available strategy. With that in mind, run through this checklist and see if you’ve done everything to maximize your homepage’s effectiveness. 


Google Analytics



This one isn’t obvious, but if you’re serious about using your website as a marketing tool, you must must MUST benchmark your metrics. Note the number of visitors per week/month, the percentage of traffic that was totally new to your site, i.e., never visited before, where the traffic is coming from, and the site’s most popular pages. By tracking these data, you can make informed decisions about changes you make to your site and your online marketing. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark.

Top of the Page: Logo, Brand Identifier, and Phone Number 

Your logo and tagline should be featured prominently so visitors can visually identify the site. Make sure that your logo, color scheme, and other branding elements are consistent across all marketing vehicles. Include your primary phone number here also.

Top of the Page, Part Two: Clear Navigation 

This is not an element with which to be creative. Make it simple and functional. If your site has several pages, incorporate a drop-down menu. Test your links; broken links are a guaranteed to lose traffic—and hurts your search results.

Compelling Headline and Sub-headline 

Most visitors only stay on a site for 10 seconds. Make sure the first text they see offers a compelling reason why learning more about your product or service is worth their time. Keep this text short and make it count.

Contact Us 

In addition to the email and phone number you’ve listed in the header, providing a button on the page to “Contact Us” that offers a contact form which gives the visitor an opportunity to reach out. By not displaying your email address, you will reduce the amount of SPAM you receive. The contact form can include the visitor’s basic information, the products or services they’re interested in, and how they heard about you; these are great data to gather anywhere you can.


Your site visitors are all at different stages of the buying process, and various Calls-to-Action give them different ways to engage with you. Maybe they’re not ready to contact you, but they are ready to start receiving an email sequence, or newsletter. Give them a form to sign up, and you’ll start to build a list of prospects you can directly reach out to with targeted content for their inbox.

Social Media Icons


Eighty percent of small businesses don’t feature social media icons on their website. Our question: Why? It’s a free way to promote your business and social presence and an easy way for visitors to stay connected with your business.

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