How to Transform Your Business with the Power of an App

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07 Mar How to Transform Your Business with the Power of an App

Smartphone and tablet usage is fast approaching critical mass,
and business owners are concluding that having an app for their business
is not a luxury; it’s a MUST.

Just consider these mind-blowing statistics:

* Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web

* Users download on average 8.8 apps per month, with app installs up 5% year-on-year

* 78% of companies use paid media to drive app downloads.

If you are thinking about building an app for your business, then you
need to stop thinking and start doing… soon.

Established research and review company Clutch revealed that less
than a quarter of small businesses currently have a mobile app.

These businesses obviously haven’t realized that apps and other mobile
applications are taking the world by storm.

So if you get in the game now, you will be miles ahead of your nearest

Still not convinced?

Here are 7 more compelling reasons why you need to build an app for
your business.
1. Boost your sales

The power of an app is such that it can facilitate a much faster checkout
when customers make a purchase, which will in turn drive more sales.

Besides the checking out process, an app can also offer a more convenient and
user-friendly way to browse and shop for products.

And it allows your customers to make purchases from anywhere in the world.

That’s not all.

With the app’s push notification feature, you can even use it to notify
your customers of any special deals, promotions or new product launches.

2. Alleviate customer experience

An app can give your business a permanent presence in your customers’
mobile phones.

They can simply tap on your app and access information at their fingertips without
having to go to your website.

This cutting edge push-button feature will on doubt enhance customer experience
and loyalty.

Here’s a quick case study for you to illustrate this point:

Acadian Home Theater & Automation is a company that provides home theater services,
automation, and its subsidiary Acadiana Security Plus provides security to their


They wanted an easier way for their customers to be able to send in service
requests through an app, rather than having to pick up the phone and call.

So they went ahead and asked Cyber Fision to create an app that would allow their
customers to send in these services requests through the app.

For example, if a customer sends in “My connection is not working,” this would go
directly to the Acadian help desk. And they would get to work immediately to fix the
issue quickly and efficiently.

This is a perfect example of exemplary customer service, as the app has made it
so much easier for the customer to use their service.

And it is fair to say that the creation of this powerful app has helped to transform
their business.

3. Gain an edge in a specific market

If you want to gain a competitive edge over your rivals, then it is
crucial that you start building a strong presence in the mobile market.

More and more businesses are realizing how a mobile app can help them streamline
their operations and processes.

So if you have an app, then you are already one step ahead of your

4. Boost Your branding

This one is obvious.

Your company’s logo will be highly visible on your customers’ mobile
screens, so its bang is that they will see your app and simply tap on
it to see what you have to offer on the go.

This is the power of instant branding for your company!

5. Act as a useful marketing tool

A mobile app is more than just another high-tech application. It can double up
as a very effective marketing tool as well!

You see, an app can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other
major social networking sites.

That means your customers can simply share your app with their network or
their pleasant experience with your business… with just a single tap!

6. Increase customer base

Today’s consumers are always on the move together with their mobile devices.
In other words, their smart phones or tablets have become an essential part
of their lives.

They can certainly do with a useful app that can help them to either save
or kill time, or is just so awesome to use.

If your app can fulfill those requirements, then chances are they will refer your app
to their family and friends.

That’s word-of-mouth marketing at its very best.

7. Add an extra revenue stream

Did you know that a mobile app can also add an extra revenue stream for your

Here’s the thing: with just a few taps, your customers can make restaurant
reservations, book concert tickets or buy products and services.

And here’s where it gets exciting.

Mobile app blog 2

You can offer an option for your app users to upgrade in order to access additional features, e.g advanced notification for exclusive deals.

If users choose to upgrade, they’ll have to pay for it… and you make

However, you should do well to take note that the concept of a mobile
app is not the same as a mobile-friendly website.

Moreover, you are empowered with the capability to configure many features
in your app that can be more engaging than a normal website.

But as mentioned earlier, many small business owners have yet to recognize
the potentially huge benefits of a mobile app when it comes to boosting
productivity, efficiency, competitive edge and user experience.

So if there ever is the perfect time for you to jump into mobile app with
both feet, then it is NOW!

The EASY way to get started?

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