Want to Know the Biggest Mistake that Law Firms are Making Online? (No, it’s NOT What You Think!)

Biggest mistake law firms are making online- feature photo

27 Apr Want to Know the Biggest Mistake that Law Firms are Making Online? (No, it’s NOT What You Think!)

YES… really.

It’s not about what you think.

It’s all about thinking like your client.

Exhibit A: Amazon

Let’s take Amazon, one of the most successful businesses in the world as
an example.

If you were to ask their CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos why they are so successful, he
will tell you one of the biggest reasons is because Amazon is absolutely obsessed
with constantly improving their customers’ online experience.

Amazon ceo pic






He makes sure that every employee in Amazon stays focused on the one thing that truly
matters most: the customers.

Everything Amazon does, from their website, to their social media pages, to their mobile
apps… all these are performed with the customer in mind.

Amazon takes great pride in making sure that the customer experience is at the
highest level no matter what medium is used (Website, mobile, social, email).

This kind of holistic approach is known as omni channel marketing in the lucrative
online retail industry.

Today’s consumers are different than the old times. They are now smarter and highly

They know how to seek out information from the best online sources and a plethora of
other interactive channels.

Now, you may be asking: what has this got to do with my law firm?

The answer is… everything!

The Truth About Law Firms

Now, here’s the thing: law firms are typically not client-centric organizations.

Many law firms claim to focus on the needs of their clients, but in reality, nothing
can be further from the truth.

Just look at the content of their websites or the posts they make on social media, and
you’ll quickly discover what we mean.

Litigation department of the year

You’ll find that the websites of most law firms are focused internally. The majority
of the posts that they put out on social media are also talking all about the firm.

New practices, new hires, winning an award, milestones… you name it. They’ve got it.

And we can now reveal to you the biggest mistake that law firms are making online.

Instead of doing what Amazon does best, which is to focus on the customers… they
rather choose to talk about themselves!

Even the way they describe their services and expertise is not client-centric.

Here’s an example: instead of listing a practice area as commercial litigation,
they should instead advise their clients what to do in the event that they get sued
for some particular reason.

Add Value

Your team of lawyers may need to start putting their thinking hats together and
come up with ways to add more value to your clients.

They have become more sophisticated these days. They are not just looking to win the
case; they are looking for an impeccable customer experience.

add value

Because they are hiring your lawyers, not your law firm.

Your lawyers need to start developing the necessary skills to provide top notch client
experience not only in person, but in the online world as well.

A great way to start is for your lawyers to put themselves into the shoes of your
clients, and think like them.

Think about the questions that they may ask themselves, like:

* What are the pressing issues facing them right now?

* What prevents them from having a good night’s sleep?

* How can your law firm make their lives easier?

* How can you serve your clients beyond your legal services?

The above questions will help you better anticipate the specific needs of your
clients, and you can leverage on this valuable information to develop a killer social media

It’s time for your law firm to stop blowing its own trumpet, and focus more on mastering
the art of understanding what it takes to provide immense value for your clients.

Think of it like you are hosting a party at your home. You would want to be a good
host and make sure that your guests had a great time… so much so that they are
already looking forward to your next party.
And in the context of your law firm, that means repeat business for you!