Why Is Prototyping Important ?


09 Sep Why Is Prototyping Important ?

“Building a house is like producing a movie. There’s no right way to do it but a lot of wrong ways. You have to be flexible and creative. You have to move fast, be prepared.- or it quickly becomes costly” -Jeremy Renner

Building a house can be a tedious and painstaking process, but it’s all worth it when it is completed. To reach that goal, blueprints have to be carefully followed, and by taking the time to create those blueprints (before building the actual house), the owners and contractors save money and avoid pitfalls. This is similar to the process of prototyping.


Find The Issues Early 

Prototyping is an essential and critical part of the design process. Whether it’s a quick sketch in your notebook or on a diagram scribbled on  a post-it note, the prototype starts as a framework to which you can gradually add. Once your idea is on paper (or computer screen), it is easier to recognize potential flaws and issues with your initial design concept. This allows you to resolve issues before making production commitments, so you save money and time.   After the initial design is complete, you can revise and refine your idea in minutes!

Compare Design Solutions

User Interface (UI) design is an integral step in the design process. UI creates the most optimal way for a user to achieve their tasks, such as making a purchase or tagging a photo. Prototyping multiple UI designs allows the designer to determine the best solution to a challenge.

Focus group members may have difficulty grasping the concept of your user interface idea. However, with a prototype, people can quickly and conveniently interact with your idea. Consumers can better respond to your interface ideas, giving you more constructive feedback. If you work with developers and engineers, they can tell you if they spot any issues with the prototype from their perspective, and they might be able to offer alternative solutions based on their experience.

Perhaps the most apparent reason you should prototype your designs is that there’s very little reason not to.

Save Time & Money

In the same way you wouldn’t begin construction on a house until you have the blueprint completed, don’t begin production of your project without completing a prototype first. It’s much easier to produce things when you have a solid idea of how the end result is going to look. When the goals are clear and defined, when everyone involved agrees on the intended results, when design concepts have been validated early on — the path to achieving the goal is more straightforward.

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